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The zombies ate my alarm clock.

Did you realize when you started reading this blog that I could do more than give sage advice on how to make a family budget? No?! Well, it’s ok if you were momentarily blinded by my inspiring money-saving attempts. But … Continue reading

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Wide awake…

When I was home with the baby all summer, my husband would come home from work and I’d lovingly throw hand the baby to him while saying, “Please take her for 5 minutes, I’m exhausted!” He usually countered with the … Continue reading

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Back to school, back to school

I sing that song often at the start of every new school year, for two reasons: Billy Madison was a completely awesome movie. Ok, only one reason. Luckily, unlike Billy Madison, I’m not still attending school. I get to come … Continue reading

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Everybody’s happy.

Since I’m not always good at saving money, I have to make sure I’m good at other things. Gotta keep the karmic balance intact, ya know. So, overspending at the mall the grocery store can’t be followed by a trip … Continue reading

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You’re doing it wrong.

I figured that up until my extreme couponing excursion I should stick to the dollar store, which was fine because the dollar store is a magical place. Shampoo, porcelain figurines, lead paint dog toys baby toys, big boxes of movie … Continue reading

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I’ll take RQOATC for $.37 please, Alec

So the other night I was watching TLC’s new show on extreme couponing. Husband looks over from his keyboard and says, “That’s insane. If you saved that much money grocery shopping, you could stay home.” …whaaaa? So here I am, … Continue reading

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The teething beast has arrived…

Sad, sweaty, little thing that she is. And she’s got a message: S.O.S.

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