The zombies ate my alarm clock.

Did you realize when you started reading this blog that I could do more than give sage advice on how to make a family budget? No?! Well, it’s ok if you were momentarily blinded by my inspiring money-saving attempts. But today I’m here to blow your mind with something a little different. That’s right – something not money related. Are you ready? Cuz it’s time to get awesome.

So if you’re like me, you think having a big ass frying pan in the back seat of your car is a good idea because one day the zombies might really show up, and when they do, you’ll be ready. Wha? I mean, you need more time in the morning. We all know that getting up super early sucks. It sucks the life right out of my bones, and your bones too, because we already established that you are like me. And once the life is sucked out of your bones, you are a zombie. So really, the goal here is to having more time in the morning, without getting up earlier, and without turning into a zombie. Because then I’d have to hit you with my frying pan.

Better than the zombie pic I could have posted. Trust.

Here’s a morning time-user-upper activity: showering. A great way to save time is just to stop showering. You’re hogging all the hot water and using all the soft towels, and frankly we’re sick of it. But since you’re a stinky weirdo (NOT LIKE ME), you can’t just quit showering cold turkey. I, for example, have started showering at night instead of in the a.m. That way I can hit the snooze button many more times, but still make it to work (kind of sort of almost) on time.

Sometimes I do wish I could stop showering altogether, and that is because now that I have a baby it begs the question, ‘what the heck do you do with the baby while you shower?’ Little beebs used to be content to sit quietly while I showered, but now she is super mobile and totally into finding dangerous objects to put in her mouth.

Just look at her, picking the lock on my state-of-the-art baby containment system.

And while I can rely on my husband for many things, he is a sleepy man when the end of the night draws near. DangerMobileBaby and a sleepy dad are just about as dangerous a combination as HamperBaby and a showering mom. But never fear, Hangin’ On has the answer. Put the baby in her baby tub, plop that sucker in the grownup tub, and get your shower on!

I really do this, and it really works. But don’t be stupid about it. One good idea is to move the nozzle so water isn’t aimed directly at your baby’s face (duh). Also, make sure the temp is a little cooler than you’d normally have it (boiled babies = unhappy. Who knew?). Most importantly, and for serious, do not pick up the baby in the shower (super duh). Bubbly babies are so flipping adorable, you will be tempted to pick up your cute lil’ fat thing and give her snuggles. WELL QUIT IT. Give her some toys, shower quick, and then take a few minutes to suds the baby up so she also gets a bath.

Here is the breakdown of the awesomeness:

  1. It is night time – there are no obnoxious alarm clocks at night.
  2. You get to shower – you are not stinky.
  3. Baby is not secretly chewing on extension cords while you shower.
  4. Baby also gets to be not stinky.

In summation: I AM THE KING OF TIME AND STINK SAVING. Go forth and sleep in!


About hangonbaby

HangOnBaby is a teacher/wifer/wannabe-stay-at-home-mommer living in Baltimore with her husband, baby, and 2 dogs. She's currently obsessed with trying to save enough money to be a full time mom and wife. On days when she isn't good at saving money, she writes about other things.
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12 Responses to The zombies ate my alarm clock.

  1. Helki says:

    This is an awesome idea. I don’t have a baby, but I’m tempted to try it with dirty dishes until I get one.

  2. Josie says:

    You are such a smart mom. Know wonder my son married you. Very sage advice.

  3. Carri Beer says:

    i’ve also recently started showering at night rather than the morning! it makes a huge difference in giving me a less stressful morning. but i shower after baby is in bed…cause once they don’t fit in that cute little tub anymore, i’m sorry to say, but your plan will have to be overhauled!!

  4. NSC says:

    I figured out the shower at night thing a year or so ago when I was playing sports. Dh doesn’t want to sleep with a stinky me. But then kickball ended, and I got lazy…my sister swears by showering with the kid. She’s been doing it since my niece was a baby. Being as I’m all lazy and sleep deprived (my kidlet is still gestating) I’m sure I will do the same thing. Props to you!

    • hangonbaby says:

      So you’ve technically mastered both showering at night AND showering with the baby, and you haven’t even had the baby yet 😉 Maybe you are the king here?? No wait it’s my blog. I’m the king of the mountainblog. Or something like that. Hey in other news, I tried leaving a comment for one of your posts recently and it wouldn’t let me! Grr. I will try again. Thanks for reading!!

      • NSC says:

        I am very sorry to hear that…I’ll see if I can find out what the issue is. Which post was it?

      • NSC says:

        Ok, I got it figured out…I think. I had it set so only members could comment, that is off now so anyone can comment. Thanks for making me aware of it!!!

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