Lost: things that make sense.

Did you make a Hangin’ On voodoo doll today? Tell the truth. Because when I left for work this morning the site was fine, and I just got home and checked it out, and my pics are all kinds of effed up. So in case you were wondering, no, I wasn’t trying out a new fun idea for blogging in which I post the same picture over and over along with captions that make absolutely no sense. My pictures and captions are hilarious, thankyouverymuch, and most importantly NOT ALL THE FREAKING SAME.

So if you are mad at me for writing hilarious captions and you made a tiny voodoo doll which you then smashed onto a computer keyboard or something, I’m sorry, ok? Can we be friends again?

This is particularly troubling because (despite the fact that I spend a good chunk of time here) I’m not all that tech savvy. So I will bumble around for a bit and try to get this worked out. In the meantime, please join me in prayer: DEAR INTERNET GODS, FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT OMG PLEASE FIX IT

Up and running soon, I hope…

– Hangin’ On

**UPDATE** By your powers combined… all is right with the world! I think your collective good vibes helped to cancel out the mystery interwebz disease. That, and the desperate plea that I sent to the magical website helper elves. Thanks for hangin’ on while it got straightened out! (You like how I brought that all around, yeah?)


-Hangin’ On


About hangonbaby

HangOnBaby is a teacher/wifer/wannabe-stay-at-home-mommer living in Baltimore with her husband, baby, and 2 dogs. She's currently obsessed with trying to save enough money to be a full time mom and wife. On days when she isn't good at saving money, she writes about other things.
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6 Responses to Lost: things that make sense.

  1. Cathy says:

    I think WordPress is doing a FB on you (and the rest of us) and changing stuff when we’re not looking! I set up a link for Mom to read your blog this afternoon. Checked it all out so I could show her exactly how to find posts from different dates. Showed it to her just now and, woo hoo, no months listed on the right! Replaced by Blogroll and Pick Yer Poison.
    Regardless, I love your blog, especially the captions under the pics!

  2. NSC says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t notice anything screwed up. 😀

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