What’s the number for Merry Maids?

Existential question of the day: is it depressing, or is it a good thing when you look at your blog and are sad that you haven’t been able to update it in a long time? Full disclosure: I’m only halfway certain I’m using the word ‘existential’ correctly.

On the one hand, it means you are dedicated to your craft (yes, I’m implying that blogging is an art. It makes me feel important so shut up.) On the other hand, it means you have a life outside of the internet. Which some people would say is a good thing.

Apparently, 'some people' are old folks with gills on their heads.

Truth – I itch to update every night, but since work began I’ve developed an awful habit falling asleep too damn early. Tragic, right? The woes of a full-time working/wannabe stay-at-home blogger mom.

Life is hard...

No really though, it is tremendously difficult to lay down and nurse a baby to sleep without also falling asleep. Go ahead, try it! You will probably only be able to stay awake if you are a man, because your baby will smack you for trying to nurse it. Science is on my side here, people.

ANYWAY, it’s Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in an empty (and very dirty) house. I made a deal with the devil wha? I mean my husband that if he went to help his dad today and brought the baby with him, I’d be able to clean the entire house super duper awesomely while they were gone. No, the baby is not helping fix brakes on a car – although I think I read somewhere that it’s good to foster children’s manual labor skills early – my mother-in-law is keeping an eye on her. The only problem is, if the baby really is not here for me to watch, then I have ZERO reason to not actually clean the house super duper awesomely. Also, I kind of promised my husband that I really would clean, i.e. not spend 4 hours on my blog… which is why I composed this entire post on Microsoft Word. Total time spent on the blog: NOT 4 hours. Loophole for the win! Um, Husband, if you’re reading this (he totally reads this), don’t read this.

::wrinkles nose and sighs in resignation:: Welp, I can finally feel the caffeine kicking in, so I’d better go make the most of the energy. If I never post again, it’s because I was crushed by a pile of laundry and baby toys.


Hey, here’s a thought: If I was actually crushed by a pile of laundry and baby toys, my husband would probably take pity on me and never make me clean the house again! I’m a genius? Or this is just asking for trouble? I’ll take your votes in the comments section.


About hangonbaby

HangOnBaby is a teacher/wifer/wannabe-stay-at-home-mommer living in Baltimore with her husband, baby, and 2 dogs. She's currently obsessed with trying to save enough money to be a full time mom and wife. On days when she isn't good at saving money, she writes about other things.
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4 Responses to What’s the number for Merry Maids?

  1. Auntie Lolo says:

    Just don’t let the pile of laundry crush your blog typing fingers…or head…

  2. Aunt Cathy says:

    I’m thinking you’re a genius who’s asking for trouble. And the number you’re looking for is (866) 743-9348.

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