Who is Hangin’ On?

Hi there! I’m Amara, also known as the “hangin’ on” piece of hangonbaby. My baby is the “baby” part. What a tangled web we weave… (try to keep up). When I was 6 I decided I would grow up to be just like my mother, a teacher and mom to 3 girls, so that one day when I was a teacher I could stay home with MY 3 girls. **editor’s note: did nobody worry about my obvious stalker tendencies?**

Life story short: I’m a grown up, I’m a teacher, and the mother of 1 baby (a girl, obvs). And I now realize that 6 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to make life decisions. Because ever since birthing my awesome daughter in December of 2010, I’ve been plotting ways to be able to stay home with her full time.

It’s not going to be easy – I wasn’t blessed with the gift of organization OR an offshore bank account – but I’m here to document the journey. Hang on, baby! It’s gonna be a wild ride.


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